Nola Sexton came highly recommended to our business after an extensive search for a leader capable of revitalising a team, and certainly lived up to those endorsements. Nola’s experience in the Financial Services industry is broad, and her expertise in Practice Operations Management, Recruitment and Staff development is comprehensive, but it is the manner in which she used that experience and skill that magnified the benefits for us.
Nola recruited actively to rebuild the team, ensuring that the requirements for the roles were fully mapped and documented before commencing the search, through to the contracts being written and induction being implemented. Nola ran the selection interviews in a way that gave us great insight into the relative skills and attitudes of the applicants, and the end result was a highly engaged team with clear targets and a superb client service culture.
Nola maintained the successful leadership of a very busy team of administrators, within a Corporate licensee environment, in a manner which instilled calm and efficiency. As a vital member of our Leadership Team she always looked for ways to boost the results of not just her own team, but also the broader business. We achieved business growth of 100% plus per annum over several years, and Nola was instrumental in ensuring we were able to support that growth.